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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What's the big fuss? Can't students apply to colleges themselves?

A.     To be sure, students can successfully apply to colleges without a consultant. But, the complexity of this process often makes adult guidance necessary. With most students applying to ten or more schools, combining early decision, early action, rolling and regular decision applications, drafting specialized essays, resumes, personal statements, and supplemental submissions, the process can easily overwhelm busy students and families. An experienced and knowledgeable educational consultant can help manage the process and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

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Q.   When should we contact a College Admissions Consultant?

A.     There's no precise time to hire a college consultant. Some parents find it helpful to select and meet with a college admissions consultant as their child begins high school. In this way, the family obtains an overview of the process, a timeline of requirements, and insight into planning high school course schedules. Many families contact Elise mid-way through their student's sophomore year to plan junior year courses and related AP and SAT testing. Students, however, are best served by focusing on high school work, activities, and fun --not the college application process-- until junior year.

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Q.   Our school provides a guidance counselor. Why do we need a College Admissions Consultant?

A.     High school guidance counselors help numerous students through all sorts of high school issues. Elise focuses only on college admissions with a limited number of students. She specializes in your child's college application - working to help your child tell his unique story in essays, resumes, and other application submissions. Elise works behind the scenes, supplementing the work of your high school's staff.

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Q.   How much time is spent with each student?

A.     Elise's package of services provides unlimited access. Courses and standardized test schedules are planned. College lists are discussed, revised, and revised some more. Interview strategies are discussed and practices held.

Furthermore, Elise spends as much time as it takes to ensure that your child's applications are his or her best work. She doesn't write essays or tie students to a chair until their work done. Instead, deadlines are set, ideas are brainstormed, and drafts are critiqued with detailed suggestions. Final drafts are meticulously proofread. As Elise's students know, it is not uncommon for application pieces to go through numerous drafts before getting the stamp of approval for submission. Students working with Elise learn all about the revision process.

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Q.   Why work with Elise?

A.     Students like working with Elise. Her sense of humor and relaxed, casual style put students at ease and motivate them to do their best.

Elise is experienced. She knows what has worked successfully for past students. Elise's objective assessment helps build realistic college choices and formulate successful application strategies.

Elise's work relieves parents from the frontline of this potential battleground, minimizing family stress with questions answered and deadlines met.

Elise works hard to keep up with current trends. She visits colleges, reads extensively, and fosters contacts with current college students and faculty to keep up-to-date on campus life and the increasingly selective admissions process.

With quality credentials and experience, Elise teaches your child writing, analytical, advocacy and time management skills helpful for success in college admissions and beyond.

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Q.   What services does the package include?

A.     Elise offers soup to nuts help with navigating the college admissions process, including:

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Q.   It's senior year and we need help!! Is it too late to work with Elise?

A.     No! Depending on the circumstance, Elise can arrange a modified Fall Senior Package. Please recognize that early planning is always helpful; the fall months are extremely busy.

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Q.   How are parents kept informed?

A.     Elise works hard to keep parents informed about their students' progress, including important deadlines and decisions. She will not hesitate to pick up the phone or shoot off an email to let parents know what's going on. Additionally, she strives to respond to parents inquiries within twenty four hours, whenever possible.

Elise's primary job, though, is to empower students to do a great job on their college applications. Families are a critical part of the college selection and application process, but the main responsibility and work belongs to the student.

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Q.   How can we contact Elise?

A.     Elise can be reached by phone at 203-333-3549 or by email at EliseEpner@snet.net.

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