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Medical School Admissions

     Over the years, past students have sought Elise's help with the medical school application process. After a few very successful cycles of applicants, Elise became hooked on the rewarding work of helping students individually to present their best case for admissions to medical schools.

     As an ivy-league-educated attorney, English teacher, and writer, Elise is in a unique position to help students present their best case for admission to medical schools. Elise works with each applicant brainstorming for essays. For starters, Elise asks "What evidence do you have - of all your experiences, observations, reading and discussions - to prove that you'll excel at the work of a physician? Together, Elise helps applicants search for revealing examples from research work, hospital volunteering, community service internship and more to provide evidence of the applicants' fit for medical school. While explaining an applicant's goals may seem straightforward, phrases like "wanting to help people" or "being inspired following my grandparent's illness" surely get old quickly.

     With her experience and training, Elise's services complement the services offered by college pre-med advising offices. Primarily, she helps students individually to tell their stories in convincing personal statements, activity descriptions, and secondary essays. Elise also works with students in formulating lists of schools, preparing for interviews, pursuing waitlists, and choosing among acceptances.

Medical School Admissions
Services Include:

1. Evaluation: Consult with Elise as early as sophomore year to see whether you're on track for admission to medical school. She'll review your transcript and activities and discuss ways to strengthen your candidacy.

2. Application: Ready to apply? Elise can help you through the AMCAS maze, with timely answers to your questions and smart strategies for maximizing success during the lengthy and stressful application process. Brainstorming essay ideas, revising drafts, and helping applicants tell their stories in the time-consuming secondary applications are all part of Elise's services.

3. Interviews: Mock interviewing sessions will help students hone their message. Persuasive answers and an effective presentation will impress medical school admission officers, turning interview invitations into acceptances.

4. Strategy: Worried that you haven't received invitations to interview? Having trouble obtaining acceptances despite many interviews? Stuck on waitlists? Students find that Elise's tips and strategies can improve results in the competitive medical school admissions process.