Elise Epner
       College Admissions Consultant
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   The Complete Package

Soup to nuts help with navigating the college admisions process
  • Consultation, based upon review of transcript, test scores, and other factors, regarding college list and visits;
  • Review application timetable, including planning strategy for early decision, early action, single choice early action, and rolling admission applications;
  • Plan strategy for college applications, including developing themes for academic interests, extracurricular activities, and personality focus;
  • Review, critique, and edit drafts of resume, Common Application essays (personal statement & meaningful activity essay) and all other college-specific supplementary essays;
  • Advise on recommendation and testing strategies and prepare student for interviews;
  • Advise on deferral and waitlist strategies, as necessary;
  Additional Services

Application Review Services

Review of one college application, including up to three essays and activity resume, high school transcript and standardized test scores. Application review includes an hour-long meeting with Elise for feedback on application, including suggestions on items such as substance, tone, grammar, themes, and presentation and supplementary materials. (Not always available)

Graduate School Admissions

Soup to nuts help with the admissions process for medical schools, law schools, business schools, and combined undergraduate and graduate school admissions.

Hourly Rate Consultation

Elise offers a maximum of two hours of individual consultations. For additional services, purchase of the rising senior package is necessary. The hourly fees for the two sessions can be applied to the package price.

SAT Tutoring

Elise tutors students for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the PSAT and SAT. After analyzing PSAT or other test results, she provides an individualized approach for each student combining vocabulary building, strategies for reading and test taking, and practice with authentic College Board materials. Using her own prepared lessons, Elise reviews the grammar tested on the Writing section, the requirements for a successful essay, and strategies for the sentence completions and short and long reading passages.

Elise has worked with a full range of kids - from those struggling to get out of the 400s to students striving for a perfect 800 on each section. She counts on her students to work hard learning vocabulary and practicing the strategies discussed. Year after year, Elise has been very pleased with her students' commitment and diligence. And, her students have been very pleased with the resulting improvement in their SAT scores.
"I will always remember your patience and persistence with my essays and in our meetings."
"Through the laughter and story telling, Elise motivated my daughter to write her own story. The applications were in her own voice and very genuine - and very successful."

"Thanks so much for everything you have done to make this process go so well for our son."