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Five Reasons to Work With Elise
1 Straight Advice
Elise gives honest, objective assessments of admission chances to help build a solid list of good college choices. Realistic predictions help maximize student confidence and self-esteem while managing disappointment.

2 Unlimited Access
Elise's admission package gives students and families unlimited help with all college applications. Students and parents work directly with Elise, not staff or team. As she limits the number of students with whom she works, Elise has lots of flexibilty in meeting with students convenient to their demanding schedules.

3 Individualized Services
Elise's true talent is helping students discover their best story and then letting the student's own voice and personality shine. She has no set formula for essays or applications; she doesn't package an applicant. Whether your child seeks acceptances to the Ivy League, liberal arts colleges, state universities or other programs, Elise has helped kids receive thick envelopes from schools of all kinds and all levels of selectivity.

4 Smart Strategies
With creativity, experience and quality educational credentials, Elise's personalized approach teaches students time management, narrative and persuasive writing, and coping mechanisms for dealing with competition, disappointments, and joy. As a result, students learn to advocate for themselves successfully in their college applications and beyond.

5 Outstanding Results
Students who have devoted themselves to high school academics and extracurricular pursuits often lose sight of one fact: an outstanding college application is critical for their admission to college. Elise inspires students to showcase their best work, no matter how much time or effort is required.
"Elise was great about keeping us informed with emails and calls about our child's progress and deadlines. We were always in the loop but not in the line of fire."
Sampling of Recent Acceptances

George Washington
New York University
Trinity (CT)
University of Connecticut
University of Pennsylvania
University of Rochester
University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin