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Another Great Year!

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As a professional educational consultant, Elise Epner MA, JD, LLC specializes in helping students and families to navigate the college selection and application process. Her work relieves parents from the frontline of this potential battleground, minimizing family stress with questions answered and deadlines met. With training and experience in advocacy and teaching, her expertise is helping students to present themselves successfully to colleges.

With informed objectivity, Elise challenges these wonderful teenagers to reflect upon their own abilities and high school record. She asks them to think hard about their goals for college and beyond. Together, courses, college visits, and testing schedules are planned. Elise requires students to put considerable effort into each application piece, so that essays, resumes, and interviews all shout out their unique attributes. Through draft after draft, students work to show colleges connections from their academic strengths and extracurricular passions to their future plans.

Simply stated, Elise works to empower students to do their absolute best on their college applications.

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"Let me help your child present his or her best case for college admission"
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